Mind Blowing Love


Another visit to more of our partners at Never Again Fellowship and again I am at a loss for words, completely. Words are not powerful enough to express the energy, the Joy, the Love and the connection that we are all feeling during these intense days here in Rwanda. I cannot believe that I have only been here for a few days. The places that we are seeing are so desolate, and remote but yet there are people, including small children lining the roads, walking to who knows where. Every once and I while I will see a tiny little body sitting on the edge of the road all by themself. It is such a contrast to the way our children in North America are treated. These children seem to fend for themselves in many ways but yet it doesn’t feel unsafe for some reason. They seem very wise for their age.

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Some of them are brave enough to literally stop and jump on our bus – like these two beautiful girls!


Others stand and wave from the outside with big smiles and curious looks. One little guy in particular was fairly brave with me until I stepped off the bus and put my hand out to him. His little face turned to shear terror and he bolted! He eventually warmed up and was a fixture on my hip for quite a while!



During this interaction we were again honored as guests and given gifts of fruit, beans, and local artifacts. I decided to take a seat with the children on a mat facing the stage. I made my way over to all these gorgeous small faces and made a scooting sign with my body which made them smile, they cleared a very small space for me and I was soon covered with children’s hand, bodies and literally handed babied one by one to hold, kiss and cuddle. I this as a permanent fixture on my shins:



She was very sullen but was very comfortable with me and enjoyed a little hand massage and back rub. I placed my hands on her and gave her some Reiki, not that she was aware of it. She had in her hand the inside of a pen and it was a prized possession so we made sure it stayed in her little red pocket – very important. I was offered a bottle of water and later on she pointed meekly at it and looked at me. I offered it to her and quickly realized I needed to give to everyone – which I could not do but we did our best!

The music and singing took place around me, the gifts were being given out, the celebration was happening all around me and I was in this quite little sea of tiny faces and giant soft eyes! One woman brought over a big umbrella and one child help it up over my head to shade me from the sun, even though these kids have nothing, not even clean clothes, they give to me anything they can- amazing!

I was hard to leave but I needed to give my offering of song and dance to them as well and the time had come. We put on our hip belts with jingly coins and we went up on stage to sing them two songs that we have learned for this occasion. Then to the dancing…..it was met with laughter, smiles and later on everyone joining in! I put my jingly belt on a small boy and he pulled out some hip shimmies that would put Shakira to shame!! Then once again a baby came from the audience and into my arms as we danced to MJ’s pretty young thing!! What a gift to be trusted with the children of beautiful people.



Making our way into the hut for the food being offered I was swarmed with people hugging and touching and just wanting to connect. One young woman even yelled out my name to get my attention and it worked. I look forward to working it the field with her and her family tomorrow – we have a date and she wants my card!!!!

One moment that stands out for me today was the opportunity to speak to the people and tell them all about the support I have received from my friends, family and strangers in Canada. I was able to thank them for their inspiration in my own healing journey and tell them of my commitment to support them in theirs. I can think of no other to be, my heart lives here and my strength is being called upon to new levels. I am ready for the challenge of spreading Love through finding my own strength! Amahoro! (Peace)


3 thoughts on “Mind Blowing Love

  1. So wonderful to read of your experiences and your happiness! I knew it would happen!
    I am so happy for you and for the people you touch!
    Mary Jo

  2. I wish you the best on your journey Amanda. It looks like you are surrounded by love and exactly where you need to be.

  3. what an amazing experience. So similar and yet so different from my time in Africa. The people are so warm, welcoming and content!

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