Healing through Dance

Muraho!  Murakoze!  (Hello! Thank you!)

are the words I used all day today but despite this limited language barrier I was able to communicate with the people of Never Again with my heart through dance and Love! We walked into the church to meet the members of the Kayonza Never Again Fellowship, it was literally jumping with people singing and dancing in celebration to our union. It was out of this world!!! My experience today cannot be expressed in words so I will instead try do it through photos.

My heart is filled with joy. My purpose here is becoming more and more clear. The love between myself, the group and the people we are helping here is huge and today it was a 5 hour love-fest complete with gifts, dance, song, hugs, and kisses. I spent most of the time on the bus to and from this event waving out the window and seeing how many smiles I could get, which were many. This truly is the land of a million smiles!

.100_4277 100_4275


100_4276100_4269P1030049 P1020983 P1030013 P1030022 100_4267P1020899 100_4251

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