Spread The Love

 “I Am Love In Action” philosophy exists all around me and this page is to highlight, support, honor and share work which inspires me to continue on the path.


Yasodhara Ashram

The spiritual community of Yasodhara Ashram was started by a woman, is run by women and supports women of all ages in leadership around the world. Donations can be made to support the community which is a registered charity. Currently rebuilding of the Temple is the main focus of the community with the grand opening happening August 2017. Donations are greatly appreciated.

Update: The temple is built and is winning awards for its forward thinking design!



Garry Sly 

Gary is a Painter/Artist and all around amazing human being.   His bright, colorful, big and bold abstract paintings can be seen on the walls of the Black Salt Cafe in Crawford Bay, BC.



Ashley LaFramboise

This beauty of a being lives and breaths Art and exudes creativity. She is Poet, Artist, and Author to name a few of her many manifestations.




World Dance For Humanity

Janet Reineck, Founder of World Dance for Humanity exists to help other people. She is bright, alive, passionate and never stops! Her work opened my life up to a new  world of possibilities I had not even imagined. Located in Santa Barbara, CA, her community of intentional dancers support local groups and do amazing work with cooperatives in Rwanda. I encourage everyone to support and donate to this work.



Thrill The World

A Canadian non-profit, started by Ines Markeljovich keeps the spirit of Micheal Jackson alive and well! World wide zombie flash mobs gather every year to dance for the record books and raise money for charity. It was this project which connected me to World Dancer for Humanity and lead me to Rwanda to host the first event on the continent of Africa, forever changing my life and those involved.  I encourage everyone to host an event and spread the love with a little bit of MJ!



Sarah Gaby-Trotz

Located in Toronto, ON, this kind-hearted creative soul sister does everything from one of a kind wearable art pieces and felted vegetables so real you might try to take a bite. You can taste her Art and sense her generous heart with every mouthful of delicious food she cooks when she caters to your events. I had the privilege of having her cook for me and to cook with her at Yasodhara Ashram and on our own in tree plant camp. (It was the best of times and the worst of times! Never again …right Sarah!! xo)

http://www.sarahgabytrotz.com  – for beautiful wearable art

https://www.facebook.com/herbnhomestead – for delicious food and catering


Kesavah Bellydance

Sarah MacGregor is a stunningly talented and hardworking dancer. This hilarious human being who stole my heart with her giggles and her jiggles! She bubbles with delight as she shimmies across the floor and shares her love of all things belly with her adoring students right her in Nelson, BC at Front Street Dance!


She is also an VA (Virtual Assistant) extraordinaire!



Margaret Prokopova, AKA Ananda  

(Ananda passed away on my birthday, October 29th, 2018. You are free my friend!! Hoo hoo!)

My friend and teacher, Ananda Prokopova, author of Divine Jokes and Invisible Realities, sharing her teachings with us!


more to come……work in progress!