I Am what I Am

After a few weeks of telling myself that I am bored and lonely I have put into practice my beliefs and changed my mind. If I am what I think then I will be bored and lonely but that is not my truth, my truth is that I Am Love, I Am Light, and even more simply….I Am.


There is a part of me that feels this way and that part is very human which I am learning more and more to embrace and love. This human part is missing the easy connections with others that fulfill that part of myself. This part of me is also the part that will get me into relationships that are not healthy for me as they are based on filling that void and looking to others to make me feel better.

I had a conversation the other day with this part of myself and was quickly  introduced to my 7 year old self who was moving to a new town where she knew no one and left behind people that she considered family. This is a root and from here I can give than little girl part of me what she needs so she doesn’t feel the need to cry out. I talk to her and console her, give her what she is asking for so she can move on and let go.

This may sound strange but it is technique such as these that help me to heal and move into living more fully in the present. The parts of ourselves that cause pain will continue to do so if we continue to push them aside and ignore the messages they clearly send us.


When I look at the world I have created as my reality in the last few months I can choose to see it through the eyes of a hurt and scared 7 year old child or I can use my practices to see the world more clearly as a confident, wise and independent 34 year old woman who is consciously creating her life and feels her connection to something greater everyday.

Just this morning I was met with “Hey, you’re the Yoga instructor” from a gentleman at the park which lead to a wonderful conversation about healing, life and our purpose and role as community members in The Pas. This is the Universe telling me that I am on the right path and to keep on going. These are the signs I look for the guide me.

How can I ever say I Am lonely when people stop me on the streets and have heartfelt conversations like this? I can’t if I am living in the present.


My practice of Yoga is not about sitting on a mat and meditating for hours, I have left this type of practice behind of the most part and now find a mediative state in my daily life which for me is the point of sitting on a mat for hours in the first place.

Living the practice is more of a gift to the world and this is why I call myself I Am Love In Action: Healing Ourselves Heals The World! Sharing what we know, what we learn and giving our true selves to those around us is what connects us and heals us. My mission is life is to help others by continuing to follow my heart and give back in ways that are authentic to who I am. We all need healing and in that we are not alone but instead connected in our oneness.