My Commitment


How did I go from 110 lbs, depressed, being in constant pain,  and no desire to live to being vibrant, confident, alive and living an abundant life? I realized I had a choice and I was able to Decide to change.


When I decided to change, I made the choice to commit to listening to my true self, my heart, my truth. That little voice that was always there in the background was now up on a stage with a loud speaker, yelling at the top of her lungs and she loved it! It has been a slow and gradual learning.


100_2715I made a commitment to stay true to myself and to do whatever it takes to stay alive and live a life with meaning and purpose for myself. No matter what kind of reactions I get, no matter what comes up to be dealt with I have committed to do the hard work to make real changes.


The only person I can control or change is myself and by changing myself  I make positive changes in the energy around me and begin to draw in more positive people thereby creating a more positive world for myself. I truly believe that I hold all the answers to any problems in my life (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and it was time to start listening to the wisdom that lies within me and stop looking for something external to “fix” me. I am the cause and the cure to any kind of dis-ease in my life.


My journey has taken me many places (internally and externally) and I have made so many changes that allow me to live a free, flowing life that supports this process of healing. Its never easy and not always pleasant but its worth it!


When I decided to go to Rwanda it really kicked  my journey into high gear because I knew that I needed to be ready for this challenge. Staying true to following my heart became more of a challenge as I needed to manifest the very practical things to get me there as well. Asking for support from family and friends was a first step in making that happen and the consequences of that have been rich. So much love and support was offered in the form of  kind words, positive energy, money, love, gifts, food, and places to live. As with anything, there are people who choose not to support me and that is their choice. I stay true to what I know is right for me and work hard to not let the fear of others sway me. I get to choose who is in my life and I choose positive, inspired people who can accept me for who I am.

It was because of this support and the fact that I stayed true to myself that I found a new level of trust in myself and a deeper belief in the Love that we have for each other as human beings. Opening myself up, being vulnerable and believing in the goodness that is within all of us is what made this possible. Now I get to take this deep belief in love and share it with the the world.


My commitment is to myself but the benefits of making this commitment are far and wide! I am worth it because we are all worth it!

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