Never Again Fellowship


In Rwanda, 500 households of previously warring tribe members (Twa, Hutu, Tutsi) have banded together in order to survive. They live side by side with people who have murdered their loved ones and destroyed lives. This is an amazing example of human sacrifice, the power of forgiveness, the strength of the human spirit and the impact of community and intention. Together they farm land that has been donated to the by the local Government and raise cows and milking goats provided by “World Dance Santa Barbara” and “Goats for Life” in order to survive. Their goal is to find ways of sustaining themselves so they can rebuild their lives and communities. Because of the Genocide many children are orphans and this imbalance means that many young adults have no education. World Dance has paid for one year of schooling with the intention behind the help that we give being to facilitate self- sufficiency. The cows and goats donated are a step towards that financial independence.

The intention of the visit to Rwanda is to meet these wonderful people and continue to learn about their needs and where our help can benefit them the most. We are also going to join them in Dance, singing, music and the spirit of love, as this is what brought us together in the first place! Since beginning our work with these people, our contact person Justin Bisengimana, has introduced us to many other co-operatives including a fishing village that we are going to travel to and see what needs we can help with.

Because the signs for me to go to Rwanda were so strong I have informed them that I will stay as long as my heart tells me to. When I speak to Justin on Skype he repeatedly tells me that it is an amazing gift to give myself, not to worry about what to bring with me and that I am enough. He says they are eagerly awaiting my arrival, he even showed me my office that he has prepared – for what work, I do not know yet but I will soon find out!

Amahoro! (Peace in Kinyarwanda)

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