What is “Love In Action”?

My name is Amanda Emsland and I am on a personal journey of healing that consciously began just over 3 years ago when I decided to start living a life that was true to my inner knowing. It began with ending a relationship with my fiance and was followed by a “Nervous Breakdown”, a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and Major Depression, quitting my job as a Registered Nurse, giving up my home, selling my belongings and moving to an Ashram where I stayed for nearly 2 years. It was during these 2 years that I began to look at my life and see how I had created something that nearly killed me. I took a good hard look at my self and made significant changes that have lead me to where I am now; a deeply happy, incredibly healthy, vibrant woman with a unique take on life.

I now live my life in a way that is true to my heart and is guided by Love. I have a deep, loving relationship with myself and I am able to see how my skills and natural talents are vital in the world. I see life symbolically and watch for signs that guide me to where those skills are needed most. By accepting and acknowledging that I am Worthy of Love (the literal interpretation of “Amanda”) and that giving of myself to the world is an act of Love, I was able to realize that it is my purpose in life to simply be myself. I do not need to be anything other than what I am or do anything other than what I love. I am enough. In that sense, we are all enough. So by living life in this way I am literally putting “Love In Action” everyday by simply being.

I AM LOVE IN ACTION is a blog that I have created to help inspire myself to continue to do the inner work that has lead to my own personal healing and to move forward into the person I am meant to be on this earth. It is also to prepare me for writing a book. I feel that sharing our personal stories can have a profound impact on the world as it allows us to see our oneness with each other. One person being truthful often makes others feel safe to do the same. My intention is to speak my truth and stand strong in knowing that what I have to say matters. I feel that by demonstrating the Love I have for myself, giving my own Self Love a voice sends a powerful message that others are worthy of the same.

3 thoughts on “What is “Love In Action”?

  1. Maybe I should get on a blog, always wondering if its good or not to speak publicly of my journey, but you answered it with ” …a blog that I have created to help inspire myself to continue to do the inner work…”
    I could use some of that action.
    Much love, thanks for linking me this.

  2. Hi Amanda, this is Pauline Nabess we went to school together and in saying this Amanda I ALWAYS knew you were the one out of all the circle of friends we had, that you would be the one person to either make a small or big difference in the world!! I’ve been reading and watching the things you have accomplished in life and I’m so proud to know you, and to see the women you are today.
    Amanda I will tell you that you truly are an inspiration to thousands of young and old, and I must say myself!!! wow i could go on and on Amanda, your courage gave me courage!!!!
    bye for now
    love a fan and old friend Pauline Nabess

    • Hi Pauline! Its so nice to hear from you and your words are very kind. I didn’t see you when I lived in The Pas in 2013-2015 so I assume you have left. I hope life is treating you well and that you continue to be inspired by those around you to live your life fully! Halloween is coming up and I always remember the year I went trick or treating with you. I was a ladybug and I got chased home from your house to mine by some guys trying to steal my candy! My little antennas were just a bobbing as I ran with my pillow case full of treats, treats which I was not about to give up after all our hard work! Turned out to be my brothers friends………only they didn’t know it was me – jerks!! I have often wondered what you are up to and where you are. You were always kind and knew how to rock those white, skin tight bubble gum jeans from Warehouse one!! Take good care of yourself Pauline!

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