From MJ to Africa!

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Michael Jackson is a strong symbol for me and I use him as a way of navigating my next steps in life. I was flipping through a paper while living in Santa Barbara, CA this fall and there it was, my MJ connection, an add for a “Thrill The World” event put on by “World Dance Santa Barbara”. This lead me to become a member of an incredible group of woman who have an intense love for Mj, dance and giving to others.

Around the same time, I had found a deep love for African Dance and began to learn as much as I could. My body seemed to know these rhythms and my heart felt drawn to them. I began to see signs everywhere telling me that Africa was a next step and I knew there was more for me to explore.

The “Never Again Fellowship” in Rwanda turned out to be one of the major recipients of our dance effort with “World Dance” and our relationship with them was deepening. Right before I left the country, the group made the announcement that they were planning to go meet our Rwandan family. I asked for a sign and was given the honor of naming the first calf born to one of the “World Dance” donated cows. Here is was – the opportunity I had been watching for, a trip to Africa to give back my skills in a country my heart was guiding me towards.

It is with a full heart and an open mind that I embark on this next part of the healing journey. I have been supported by many wonderful friends, my parents, and perfect strangers in a variety of mind blowing ways over these last 4 months and if it wasn’t for all the support I would not be going on this trip. My sincere gratitude to all of you for making it possible to follow my heart.

Carrie Durling

Rod and Janice Emsland

Francesca Cogorno

Sunny Biehl

Gary Sly

Alexis Phillips

Sandy Bishop

Leah Wilson

Margaret Pokroy

Leola Knight

Lee Reidle

Dan Rude

Students of Crawford Bay School

Community Connections, Greg Blackwell

Holly Biggar

Scott East

Lucy Ernst

Bob and Patti Armstrong

Marie Auger-Meth

Devin Lyons

Devin Biviano

Eileen Delehanty Pearkes

Madeline Martin-Preney

Jean Roberts

Yasodhara Ashram

Kristen and Carl Simonson

Carol and Ted Alan

Ulla Devine

Dan Sabourin

Paris Marshal Smith


Nelson Star Newspaper

Ginette C.

Aaron and Aidan Ander

Ashley LaFrambois

Shelly Holzman

Ken Magnusson

Lorraine Burke

Qz Heidl

Diane Feingold

Swami Johtiananda

Swami Samayananda

Guenevere Neufeld

Julie Vincent

James Woods


Alia Wall

Claire Wall

Katie Weir

Ananda Prokopova

Brian Bromley

Ashley Foote

Silver Linings


Eva Snyder

Sarah Gaby-Trotz

Kumi Osoda

Brittany Armstron

Nelson Comerci



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