Happy Birthday!

My Philosophy for life , “I Am Love In Action” is now officially ONE year old today and WOW what a year it has been!


(The first event held by “I Am Love In Action”, March 2013, to raise money for my journey to Rwanda.)

As I sit in bed this morning with an earache that radiates into my jaw and head, I am reminded of how this idea came to exist. It was each tiny moment of my past that I chose not to Love myself that lead me to ruin. It was small things like not saying the words “No”, “Stop”, “Rest”, “Be Kind”, “Enough”, “Love”, “I Need”. These words, had they been spoken or listened to in the moments that they were called into my mind would have changed my life entirely. I know this because they are the words that I used to get me here, to the other side of ruin,  to the creation of a new life from the rubble. So I know that this earache is asking me to “Listen” and “Love “myself.

It’s time to reevaluate what I am doing with the knowledge, experience and life that I have created. Time to reassess what it is that I need to do next and how I need to show myself Love. I have been unable to see my ability to support myself clearly and now is the time to step into my skills and unlock the power I hold to create what I need. I know what  I need. I know I can give it to myself and so that is what I am setting in motion. My intentions are shifting. My lens has been wiped. My energy is needed in new places now and it is time to give to myself.

I have the potential to create a life that allows me to Thrive with the skills that I have acquired in my life up to this point and it is my action that makes that happen, no one else can do that for me. So this next year is about doing just that, putting even more “Love In Action” but with a focus more on myself and watching to see how the ripple effect then impacts others.

On this note, I will be changing the format, intention and purpose of this blog. It doesn’t fit me anymore. It needs to grow up, change with me and feed me in all the right ways. I want more time and energy to be dedicated to my growth and less to my story or to sharing it with others as I feel this will happen naturally.  Simply be who I am. Let my life be a demonstration for others to witness and learn from. Being me is enough.

I celebrate today by making choices that will lead me towards more Joy and continued Healing for tomorrow. Embracing what is here for me and living life  for the present moment is what is being asked of me. A step back will lead me two steps forward if I do it with awareness, patience and trust, which I know I can.

I NEVER could have imagined all that happened in this year and I am excited about the things I am imagining for my future!

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