Walking tall with Giraffe’s




















As I lay on the ground, the earth, the mother that not only feeds and sustains me but also the giant Giraffe that walked by me only a few hundred yards away I felt as though I was being cradled and held. This land is magnificent, the wildlife colorful and the vibration pounding to the beat of the heart of what feels like the entire earth. I am experiencing things that as a young girl I only watched on TV. I am a really here roaming the field with a zebra and a family of Giraffe? Yes. I am at Akagera National Park in Rwanda and it has been a 4 hour drive in the back of a Land Cruiser to get here but yes I am here.


Hippo’s the size of my old Volvo wagon lie peacefully in the marsh with tufts of greens, flowers and large white birds riding on their backs. Their little ears that twitch every once in a while are deceptively cute as these magnificent creatures are the most deadly of all the animals we encountered today. All kinds of 4 legged creatures with large antlers that look to me the way that a unicorn horn would look, spiraling upwards and funny little Pumba’a (warthogs) running around in small herds with their tails up high. I had hopes to seeing an elephant but was not disappointed in any way with what we did see, it was worth the 10 hours we spent in the vehicle without much food or water!

Again I have no photo’s to share at this time as I left it on the dance floor of a random local restaurant called “Jambo Beach” where we had a delicious dinner of chicken, talapia, curried rice and fruit juice. Dancing with a group of locals was AMAZING as I am able to share my gifts with them and them with me. They have a calm, relaxed manner about their dancing that I love to watch. The rhythm just seems to pour out of their bodies. It was beautiful to watch Justin B dance with me as well. I am loving that  everyone here seems to love dance as much as I do and that it is such a natural thing. There is no dragging people up to dance with me, it is happening all the time, all around me. I am in dancing heaven. It was a great way to refresh my body after all the time spent cramped in the back of the vehicle.

The time is nearing where I will have to decide what I am going to do after everyone leaves and I stay behind. There are many options, one of which is to stay and help Justin with the work of World Dance. There is a room at his home, there are apartments to rent and there are so many options and it is just a matter of watching for the signs and continuing to trust my heart. I know the doors of my future are waiting to be opened but I am not sure of where they will lead. This makes life exciting and to me the mystery is what I live for, I love my life!

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