Being In Love

Here I am sitting in a Cafe in Summerland, CA with Billy Baldwin on my right -pinch pinch- really? I am staying in a multi million dollar home, one of the ones that is locked behind big fancy gates with guards, really? How can a “homeless” person like myself with no steady income be sleeping in this luxurious bed, silky sheets and be completely taken care of…….LOVE! Love really is the answer. I know that I am a good person, I know that I have spread seeds of love throughout my life and I trust that love is a powerful  gift to give. I also trust that by living in this way, open and free to go where I am needed, I am drawn to the people and places that need what I have to offer.

Yesterday I reunited with my Water Release Therapy teacher and mentor, Diane Feingold ( I have known that having a session with her would be the perfect way to bring some closure to all the healing I have been doing over the last 5 months while in Canada. It turned out to be one of the powerful and reaffirming experiences yet. If you have never experienced this work, of which I am also a practitioner, it cannot be described in words that would do it justice. It has been a major factor in my healing because it offers me a place to fully let go and to meet my true self.

Yesterday I was able to go to a place of love during the session like never before because of my experience meeting the MJ impersonator. For me it was a very really experience. Maybe I need to back up a bit and say that I love Michael Jackson and his message of love is very real to me. Looking at this man dressed up as Michael I asked him why he does what he does and he replied “The world needs Michael.” There was a tone in his voice that not only sounded like MJ but it radiated the vibration that I know for myself to be Love. This young man understood the message of MJ at the same level that I have come to so I took that image of his mouth saying those words underwater with me. I sang the lyrics to Heal the World in my mind and I imagined Diane’s hands were his. It felt like we were dancing together, creating music and love. I found a state of pure Bliss.

When the session ended, Diane confirmed this by saying that it felt like I was radiating love the entire time and that it was like poetry in the water. She commented about how much I have changed since the last time we met in the water and that she knew I was ready for Africa now! I feel ready, I feel confident, I feel safe, I feel strong and I know that I have something to offer them.

Meeting my group of travelers last night after having only been part of meeting via Skype or phone since leaving was amazing. I was met with hug, after hug and the biggest smiles. I really do have a family here that I have created for myself just by being me and doing what I love. We talked about our purpose for the trip and it is to bring Joy and Love to these people who are ready to move on from the pain of the past. Well considering I am doing the same in my life, I feel more than capable of helping them do the same, again, simply by being me.

So, I may be sitting next to people who have millions of dollars and living in a home that cost millions of dollars with only $50 in my pocket but I feel like a millionaire. My life feels more rich than any amount of money could offer me, it is more real than money and no one can take it away from me. It lives within me and is not dependent on anything external. I am rolling in the riches of Love! Pinch-Pinch!


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