Transitioning with Gratitude

The process of transition seems to always be in my life in some way as it builds momentum leading up me actually physically moving onto the next place I am called to. I began this transition process with the small boy that I live with almost as soon as I moved in. Telling him I was only going to be in his life for a short time and was then off to Africa. This allowed for questions and conversation around me leaving throughout my entire stay. Even as I grew closer to him there was an understanding that I was leaving soon. What he taught me was that I can still open my heart fully and connect with people and be in a state of non-attachment. I learned a lot from this little being about how to be the person I truly want to be.

On Friday I began the very conscious road to transition which began with my visit to the Ashram to say farewell and receive all the love and support that I know is there for me always. I then stayed at a friends house whom I feel a warm, close connection with and was treated to a Champaign toast and beautiful crystal necklace creation. Today a farewell brunch was held for me by a young woman who came into my life via an avalanche, yes an actual avalanche! It was a mix of woman, young and old, Canadian, Japanese, French and Chec! Hosted in a house that I had called home thanks to another generous soul on my path. 

What I am beginning to realize more and more is that in order to feel loved I need to allow myself to be loved. By giving people the time and space to hear that I will be leaving, feeling that I am leaving, saying good bye and then actually going, I am allowing myself and them to truly transition through the emotions that naturally occur when someone comes into our lives and then leaves. What I am seeing is a wave effect of kindness and love that I have created. Such a wonderful feeling to leave behind a wake of goodness for others to ride. 

The gardening work I have been doing for a wonderful elderly couple has now been passed on to 2 other young woman. My dear friend who needs help with her daily life activities now has new connections to support her that were made from the farewell brunch. So many things lining up and I see the importance of impermanence. In order for the new to arrive where they need to go something else has to leave. 

As I prepare to go to Calgary tonight to reunite with my good friend who sent me on the same bus as I made my way to Nelson nearly 5 months ago, I see that this part of my life is coming full circle. I am supported and nurtured every step of the way IF I allow it. Again, I see how loving myself is the only way to truly allow and accept the love that is all around me. By allowing others to love me, I allow them to feel loved as well. Accepting love is giving Love.

Next Stop…..Calgary!

2 thoughts on “Transitioning with Gratitude

  1. Fantastic!! Thanks for sharing. Have a Light filled trip and many blessings on your continued journey. OM, palma

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