From Turkey to Rwanda

I have been traveling since June 10th, slowly making my way to this destination and is has been a fruitful ride. What I am learning is to take care of myself in a new way and to appreciate all of the personal growth and hard work that is took to get me to this point. The Beauty that I am able to see more clearly now is all around me and always was, its just that now I have new eyes with which to actually see it.


The highlights of my time in Turkey include the call to prayer that rang out loudly many times per day, the loving interactions of the people in the streets, the respect demonstrated for each other, and the confidence of the woman. It is all so different and I am learning what parts of this beautiful culture I want to embrace and bring it into my life. I am also reminded of the beauty of my own spiritual practices and the confidence and growth that come from that journey.

No Turkish Bath for me 😦 but what that lead to was an opportunity to see my new confidence in action as I practice saying “NO” and listening to my intuition while out in the streets of Turkey alone. This is a very important skill to see myself put into action and brings more clarity to why all the work I was doing on myself prior to leaving was so important for my safety and well being. I am now able to respond in a way that feels more authentic and less like a reaction coming from a place of fear from deep within (see “layers” post). Real life experience is how I learn and this was a great test!


Stepping off the plane and setting foot on the continent of Africa was surreal. It was pitch black and we were greeted by people with skin that matched the night sky. The air was thick with moisture and smelled of smoke. The first thing I notice is that the people here are extremely quite, soft and gentle. There is a calmness about them that I appreciate greatly.

As I walked through the doors and out into the arms of Justin B. the emotion of the journey began to hit me. I am here. I have listened to the call that so clearly guided me to this very moment and the magnitude of that is unfolding. To be in a place that called me from so far away and not know why is a very freeing experience and also a very intimidating one. Justin thanked me for my beautiful heart and reaffirmed my inner truth that I am enough. I really feel like the inner journey I am on is about to kick into high gear as I begin the process of watching for the  signs as to where I am needed and what is next for me on this path.


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