Business Services

Transformational Leadership:                      

One-on-one sessions                               Initial session: $50      Follow up $35 -$75

Group sessions: 2 or more people     Initial session: $65+     Follow up $45+

Public Speaking/ Presentations and Workshops              $35/hr and up

Specializing in but not limited to: Mind Body Spirit Connection, Reproductive Health (sexual health, pre/post abortion, Fertility, Birth control), Healthy Relationships, Health Care Advocacy, Mentoring and Motivation, Chronic Health Issues, Pain Management, Weight Loss, Fitness and  Lifestyle Changes, Transitions, Finding Purpose, Self Esteem Building                                                                 If you don’t see what you need – just ask!

Healing Bodywork:                                                                              

I am mobile and can come to you in the comfort of your own home.

Reiki/Intuitive Massage

30 mins  – $40                     45 mins – $60          60 mins – $80

(Add Reiki to Massage for additional $20)

Thunderbird Yoga:                                                                                               

Group Classes/workshopsprices vary

Private/Individual/Personalized group sessions $35/hr and up

Creative Movement:                                                                           

Dance classes/ Workshopsprices vary

Hippy Hoops:

Hoop Dance

Custom made Hoola Hoops $35 and up

Available for Private parties and workshops

Aquatic Healing Arts:                                                                                    

Water Release Therapy

 (Currently only available at Santa Barbara, CA location, can be done in local private pools)

Private Swimming lessons for Adult and Children

Future Programs:

Soul Swimmers (Masters swim club with a splash of Yoga!)

Amazi  (Water) Yoga

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